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In September of 1999, some of our members took a wonderful trip to Montana and participated in a cattle drive. In this picture a P.D.C. member was lucky enough to drive a 6-mule team! Quite an experience!

Winter Workshop Jan 2000
Carriage Museums at Stony Brook

Merri Ferrell, curator of the Carriage Museums at Stony Brook, gave a slide presentation "proper turnout".  Historically, "turnout" was taken very seriously, and to this day, especailly in Carriage Driving Shows, the significance of a proper turnout still holds true.  She discussed carriage design and creation, materials, choosing the appropriate equine for a particular vehicle, style, and the 3 most important criteria for a horse dran vehicle to display-balance, proportion, and symmetry.

Jerry Trapani, gave members instruction on proper rein holding techniques on the reinboard.  This is a mechnical device created to let the user mimic rein holding with some form of resistance (small weights). He was very thorough in his demonstration of Auchenbach (one-handed) style or using two hands on the reins.(LEFT:  he shows me (Vicki) how to use the Auchenbach style).

P.D.C. Members Attend the "Last"
Draft Horse Short Course at
Cornell University Ithaca, NY
March 3-5,2000

The weather was crisp and clear on March 3-5 as we found Morrison Hall, the location of the lecture part of the Short Course. Many different Equine specialists and veterinarians presented lectures on topics such as nutrition, intestinal anatomy and colic, alternative horse drawn cultivation, reproduction, current topics in lameness, first aid and the Guest speaker, Mr. Lynn Miller from Oregon, Editor of the Small Farmers Journal.
After a  morning full of interesting lectures on these various topics, we made our way over to the Livestock Pavillion to witness the afternoon "workshop" portion of the weekend event. 

L to R: Vicki Koch, Carrol & Lou Voellm, Marylou & Jack Mohlenhoff

This event was sponsored by the New York State Draft Horse Club and they did a wonderful job as to the speakers that were chosen and
the lunches that were provided for a very hungry crowd.  Unfortunately, they did announce that this was going to be the last "Short Course" of this type. In the future we can look forward to a "general breed" equine based event, encompassing more variety in the material presented. 

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