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During the afternoon, Mr. Lynn Miller(gold shirt) described various procedures in fitting harness, hitching, ground driving, driving 3 abreast, driving 4 with special technique that allows the driver to drive using only the lead pair-the wheel pair follow along because they have to due to the type of hitching that was demonstrated.  The Black Percheron foal (DOB 3/26/99) was displayed and a "prize" in a raffle. The raffle tickets will be drawn in Oct 2000. All of this made for an interesting day of driving related information.
On Sun afternoon, after some preliminary discussion, and a question and answer period, we were able to go down into the ring and see (first-hand) the horses, harness, hitching, ground driving, driving singles and pairs, learn how to get your horses' vital signs, see a blacksmith perform his craft, and continue to ask questions, questions, and more questions!
...And I had a chance to ground drive Maggies' mother "Daffodil" who was a little upset about leaving her daughter
and gave me an "interesting"
first time (drag) at ground driving.
Here, Carrol test drives one of the Suffolk Punch mares-"Maggie"...
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