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Clinic with Muffy Seaton 7/8+9/00

We had fabuous weather for this clinic and a beautiful location at Sandpiper Farm in Eatons' Neck.   Left above: Laurie gets directions from Muffy and BettyAnn with her Shetland pony pair.

Above left: "Dozer" a Belgian at 18.2 gets long lined - a BIG job, but having been part of a 6-horse team made it easy for him to actually "teach" Neil how to do it.    Above rt: Pearl & Bob are all smiles with "Pooh Bear's "lessons. The smart 3 yr.old Halflinger is learning his lessons fast!

Muffy's instructions were very thorough, logical, and (the best part) participants, as well as auditors, were able to see results immediately.   Her main aid in teaching was the use of "half-halts" on the outside rein to the rythm of the word "cat" while clucking. If the squeeze on the reins lasted longer than that, it was too long. The reasoning for this is to allow the horse to bend into the turns, yet stay balanced and moving forward. Another focus of the lessons was for participants to "direct" their horses. The horses' only job should be pulling the carriage so he depends on the whip to give proper directions.  If the horse doesn't understand the directions that the driver gives, he becomes confused and unable to do what is required.
A very educational and enjoyable weekend
was had by all.

Sue tries her hand at long lining "Jazzy Gent"
as Muffy gives direction for rein holding, proper position, and commands to give the thoroughbred.

Clydesdale Driving Clinic
Ro-Lin On Clydes~Roger & Linda Thoms
Aaronsburg, PA


This is me (Vicki K) driving the four-in-hand Reg, Calvin, King and Rex with Roger Thoms guiding me along the way. We learned everything from harnessing, hitching, and driving of single through 6! We also learned mane and tail braiding. See the next page for MORE PICTURES.

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